Slip and Fall Compensation Claims

Have you slipped or tripped in a shopping centre or grocery store?

If you have fallen in a shopping centre or grocery store, and you’ve been injured from it, you may have a right to compensation for your injury or loss.

Shopping centre and grocery store injuries are most common in these situations:

• Slipping and falling on liquids or food on the ground
• Tripping over cables, ropes, or unforeseen misplaced objects
• Tripping on uneven floors or ground

A compensation claim for these injuries will typically be successful if:

1. The person company at fault owed you a duty to take measures to prevent harm
2. That same person, or company, failed to take those measures
3. You suffered an injury or loss as a result.

There are numerous Australian cases about falling on food in shopping centres and grocery stores. The NSW case of Strong v Woolworths is an example of the common slip and fall accident. Ms Strong fell onto the floor after slipping on a greasy, hot chip. The greasy, hot chip was in an area under the care and control of Woolworths. Ms Strong’s spine was seriously injured. The High Court of Australia held that Woolworths owed Ms Strong a duty to take measures to prevent harm. This included an obligation to check the area every 20 minutes to remove slipping hazards. This did not happen and was the cause of Ms Strong’s injury. She was awarded $580,299.12 in compensation.

You may be entitled to compensation regardless of the severity of your injury. You may be entitled to compensation for:

• Medical costs
• Pain and suffering
• Loss of earnings
• Loss of a chance or opportunity
• Assistance you may have received, regardless of payment

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