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Public liability law allows you to be compensated for a wide range of injuries which may occur in a public place if:

  • They are incurred in a public place.
  • They are incurred somewhere other than at work
  • They are not the result of a motor vehicle accident

If you fit these criteria, you may be entitled to receive compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Public liability or occupier’s liability claims cover:

  • Accidents at shopping centres
  • Playground and schoolyard accidents
  • Injuries sustained in sporting activities
  • Slip and falls in supermarkets or other retail outlets
  • Injuries caused by animals, e.g. dog attacks
  • Falls on public or private property including parks, gardens and footpaths
  • Food poisoning

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‘I really, really appreciated Injury & Accident Lawyers’ help with my car accident case.
It was a horrible and painful accident, but I felt secure because of the good care and protection from my lawyers and their team.
I was shocked and panicked when I had the car accident and I wasn’t sure what would happen next.
I felt my lawyers were always there to help and they were warm and friendly. This was a big help to me and my family. Thanks a lot!
I would strongly recommend Injury & Accident Lawyers to anyone who gets in an unexpected accident. You must call them to help your case.’

–  Takashi

Public Injury

A public liability claim generally covers any injury caused by the failure of a supervising party to provide the necessary ‘duty of care’ in public spaces, resulting in injuries or significant harm to those affected.

If you experienced any injury in public spaces that falls under this definition, you may be entitled to a public liability claim. It is important you contact personal injury lawyers as soon as possible after your accident so the necessary claim forms can be lodged.

What Can You Claim?

If you’re claiming compensation for public liability or personal injury, the following are some of the costs and expenses you may be able to claim compensation for:

  • Medical costs – This includes the past, current and future medical costs that are due to the injury you incurred. This may also include interest on past medical expenses that you incurred.
  • Pain, suffering and negative impact on the enjoyment of life – If your public injury has resulted in significant pain, suffering or the inability to enjoy life (at any time after the injury occurred), you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Lost income – Any loss of income or compensation for the loss of opportunities to earn income because of the injury.
  • Post-injury care (home and attendant) – Any ongoing medical care, treatment or support caused by the injury. This may include past, current and future expenses for care and assistance after the injury occurred.

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