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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

If you have been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another person, car accident lawyers can help you obtain the compensation and damages you are legally entitled to through a Compulsory Third Party insurance claim.

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 Compensation You Can Claim

  • Hospital expenses – may include ambulance costs, hospital treatment, consultations and surgeries
  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses – can include medicine, treatments, and other authorised recovery expenses
  • Lost income and future earnings due to being unable to work – may include interest from lost income and compensation for lost opportunities to work
  • Pain and suffering – commonly known as ‘general damages’, these are the claims for any pain, suffering or loss of enjoyment of life because of your injury

The amount of compensation you receive will depend on a combination of factors including the nature and extent of your injuries, your age, your loss of earnings and likely loss of earnings in the future, the amount of care you need or may need, your out of pocket expenses and any future expenses incurred from the motor vehicle injuries sustained.

The success of your claim and the compensation you get from it depends on how well you can prove negligence on the part of the driver ‘at fault’ and the extent of your injury’s impact on your life.

National Injury Insurance Scheme

If you sustained a serious injury from a motor vehicle accident after 1 July 2016 and require ongoing lifetime treatment, you may be eligible for support from the National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS). This new scheme provides appropriate lifetime treatment, care and support to those who suffered serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents and match its eligibility criteria.

Because the CTP scheme is inherently a fault-based scheme (requiring proof that a third-party was at fault), those injured in accidents with no party at fault may not be able to claim against CTP insurance. The NIIS was enacted for these scenarios, providing support to those who suffered personal injuries from motor vehicle accidents where no party was proven to be ‘at fault’.

Some of the serious injuries covered by the NIIS include:

  • Permanent spinal cord injuries
  • Permanent legal blindness
  • Permanent injury to the Brachial Plexus
  • Severe burns
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Multiple or high-level limb amputations

If you sustained a serious injury from a motor accident and were denied a claim against CTP insurance, we may be able to help. Our motor vehicle accident lawyer will help you determine your best options for claiming compensation or support for your injury. Whether it’s claiming support under the NIIS scheme or revisiting your claim for CTP insurance, our motor vehicle lawyers will see to it that you proceed towards your best course of action.

Why You Need Car Accident Lawyers

Claiming compensation or support from motor vehicle accidents can be difficult, especially if there are complicated factors involved in your case. If you’re looking to make a claim for a motor vehicle accident, then it’s best that you consult with a car accident lawyer to help you make your strongest case for a claim.

Here’s what our motor vehicle accident lawyers can do for you:

  • Help prove/establish fault – The CTP scheme is fundamentally a fault-based scheme, requiring clear proof that the accused party is ‘at fault’. Without such proof, claiming against CTP insurance will generally be unsuccessful. If you’re facing a particularly complex and difficult case, our motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you establish fault to build your case for a claim.
  • Negotiate terms and compensation – If negotiation is involved in your case, our car accident lawyers can represent you and negotiate on your behalf. This ensures your best interests are protected throughout your case.
  • Provide legal advice and guidance – Whether it’s assisting you with the claiming process or suggesting alternative methods for claiming support (e.g. NIIS), our team of car accident lawyers will help you get the best results possible.

Make sure you speak to injury accident lawyers before signing any documentation from the other party or the other party’s insurance company. Otherwise, you may lose your right to claim damages or support.

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If you were injured in a car accident and suspect that it was caused by the negligence of another person, then you may be eligible to claim compensation. It is important that you contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible before lodging your claim or accepting compensation from third-parties.

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