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Motor Vehicle

Injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another person? Motor vehicle accident lawyers can help you.

Public Place

Public liability law allows you to be compensated for a wide range of injuries which may occur in a public place.


If you are injured at work in Queensland, you are legally entitled to compensation under Queensland law.

Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane

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For a personal injury lawyer Brisbane residents can call, email or visit to obtain advice, contact Injury & Accident Lawyers.

Our areas of practice extend to people who have sustained an injury during a motor vehicle accident, a work injury, or an injury covered by personal injury law.

Our compensation lawyers can evaluate the viability of your claim and provide you with the relevant legal information you’ll need to decide what your next step will be.

We provide no win no fee lawyers Brisbane wide as well as throughout South East Queensland.

If you think you have a claim, it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible as strict time limits apply. Delaying your claim could mean that you miss out on compensation or damages that you are entitled to receive.

FREE Initial Consultation with a Compensation Lawyer

Injury & Accident Lawyers provide a free initial consultation. During this confidential meeting we will:

  • Listen to the facts of your matter, answer any questions you have about the law and evaluate the circumstances of your case.
  • Advise you as to whether you have a claim and the likelihood of receiving compensation/damages. It is important that you do not evaluate the validity of your claim on your own. Always seek legal advice from work injury, motor vehicle accident or personal injury lawyers as to whether you have a case.
  • Explain the process of making a claim and what will be required of you.

This consultation is obligation-free.

Injury & Accident Lawyers are based in Brisbane, however, if your injury prevents you from visiting the office for an appointment, your initial consultation can be conducted over the phone, through Skype or via email correspondence.

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No Win No Fee Lawyers Brisbane

Often when you are injured, your income is devoted to medical costs and adjusting your lifestyle, not the cost of legal representation.

We offer our services on a no win no fee basis.

What this means is that our team of lawyers prepare your case and cover the initial outlay of costs, including legal fees as well as any disbursements incurred while handling your claim, and you only pay at the end of your case when and if it is successful.

If you do not receive compensation/damages, you do not have to pay.

In addition to our no win no fee policy, our legal fees are calculated by an independent cost assessor. This ensures that you are charged only for the work required to progress your claim.

We also comply with Queensland’s 50/50 rule. We do not charge professional fees that are in excess of 50% of the balance of damages received by our clients after disbursements and statutory paybacks have been deducted, except in exceptional circumstances following an application to the Law Society of Queensland and approval subsequently being given by the Law Society of Queensland.

Mobile Consultation Service

Injury & Accident Lawyers provide a mobile consultation service to clients whose injuries render them unable to leave their homes.

Our compensation lawyers are happy to offer this service to clients both in Brisbane and surrounding regions.

Practice Areas

Car Accident Lawyers Brisbane

If you have sustained injuries as the result of a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another person, you may be legally entitled to compensation/damages through a compulsory third party (CTP) insurance claim.

Our motor vehicle accident lawyers have worked for clients with whiplash, spinal and back injuries, neck and head injuries, brain injuries, broken limbs and other serious injuries and conditions.

You can claim motor vehicle accident compensation for:





It is important to seek legal advice, regardless of whether you sustained your injuries when you were driving a car, truck or other vehicle or riding a motorbike or bicycle.

Even if your injury was sustained during an accident that involved public transport, a pedestrian, or an unregistered or unidentified vehicle, it is still important to seek the counsel of a motor vehicle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Avoid signing any documentation from the other party or the other party’s insurance company until you have sought out legal advice. Otherwise you may lose your right to claim damages.

Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane

Public liability law allows you to be compensated for a broad range of injuries if:

  • They are incurred in a public place.
  • They are incurred somewhere other than at work
  • They are not the result of a motor vehicle accident

If you fit these criteria, you may be entitled to receive compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Public liability or occupier’s liability claims cover:

  • Accidents at shopping centres
  • Playground and schoolyard accidents
  • Injuries sustained in sporting activities
  • Slip and falls in supermarkets or other retail outlets
  • Injuries caused by animals, e.g. dog attacks
  • Falls on public or private property including parks, gardens and footpaths
  • Food poisoning

As with other areas of injury and accident law, it is important that if you believe you have a claim under personal injury law, you seek legal advice from personal injury lawyers promptly so that the necessary claims forms can be lodged on time.

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Work Injury Lawyers Brisbane

When seeking the advice of work injury lawyers Brisbane residents and regional Queenslanders must ensure that their lawyers have an understanding of Queensland-specific laws.

In Queensland, if you are injured at work or even on the way to or from work, you are legally entitled to compensation.

Queensland law has made compensation available for several classifications of ‘workers’ including but not limited to:

  • Casual employees
  • Full and part time employees
  • Self-employed workers
  • Some volunteers
  • Work experience placement workers

A workers’ compensation claim or WorkCover claim covers injuries and accidents caused by the negligence of:

  • An employer
  • Co-workers or;
  • Any third parties that you deal with at work

Generally speaking, there are two ways to claim compensation under personal injury law Brisbane and Queensland-wide:

1. Statutory Claims

To lodge a statutory claim, you must satisfy that:
a) You are a worker
b) Work is a significant contributing factor to your injury
All claims in Queensland must first be lodged as no fault statutory claims through WorkCover.

2. Common Law Claims

To lodge a common law claim you must establish that your employer was negligent.

It is vital to seek legal advice before accepting any offer from WorkCover, or before signing any documentation from your employer or your employer’s insurance company (including WorkCover’s Notice of Assessment) as the lump sum compensation offered by WorkCover may not adequately compensate you for the long-term consequences that arise from your injuries.

If you are uncertain whether you are eligible for compensation, whether you’re covered under WorkCover, or whether you’re covered by your employer’s insurance, you should speak to a work injury lawyer.

It is important you contact work injury lawyers as soon as possible after your accident so they can lodge the necessary claim forms.

How Much You Can Claim

There are several factors affecting the value of the compensation you may be entitled to. These factors include:

  • The nature and extent of your injuries
  • Your age
  • Your loss of earnings and most likely loss of future earnings
  • Your care requirements
  • Out of pocket expenses incurred
  • Future expenses incurred from your injuries

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